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The Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville Philosophy:

Changing the status quo.

Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville takes a totally different approach to traditional care settings redefining
what an assisted living, rehabilitative and long-term care center looks, feels and acts like.

Why do we do it?

Because people want and need options that are more aligned with how they live today. They want access to quality care, but not in a depressing, institutional environment. Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville delivers the best care in an environment that is more like a hotel than a nursing home.

How do we do it?

Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville Philosophy

By creating truly beautiful and inviting living spaces that encourage interaction, not separation.

Distinctively designed, Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville blends rustic details and contemporary architecture with accents of stone, tile, natural woods, bold artwork, modern lighting and refined colors throughout. Airy, casual gathering spaces create destination points along The Threshold, Wellbrooke’s mainstreet-inspired corridor that’s always alive with warmth and activity.

By letting all decisions, programming and operations be guided by an uncommonly high level of hospitality.

So much more than just a place for health and wellness, Wellbrooke of Avon is committed to a philosophy of unsurpassed hospitality. It brings residents and guests a sense of being in a fine hotel with concierge-style service assuring choice, control and flexibility.

Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville Philosophy
Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville Philosophy

By actively welcoming and encouraging the involvement of family, friends and the community in daily life, and enjoyable experiences in a socially desirable atmosphere.

Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville understands that you — the family, the friend, the community citizen — can play a central role in the good health and positive wellness of those you love. The Center aims to become a place where family and friends want to visit and spend their time with residents and guests.

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